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Air cargo should be transformed step by step through the development of e-commerce by means of power

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Air cargo should be transformed step by step through the development of e-commerce by means of power

Date of release:2019-03-12 Author: Click:

From the current capacity of domestic aviation enterprises, a simple analysis shows that the domestic air cargo industry has fewer cargo planes, but there are more than 1000 passenger planes providing belly cabin for cargo transport. Thus, about 80% of air cargo depends on the belly cabin transportation of passenger aircraft, that is to say, the cargo supply capacity is firmly in the hands of airlines. Airlines can start from their own bases, develop their own superior air transport routes, establish their own freight forwarding patterns, mainly responsible for customs clearance and collection of past major customer information, directly find customers, provide competitive prices, seize customers.

China's e-commerce industry has been increasing concentration, but also for airlines to solve the problem of cargo supply, providing conditions for airlines to take care of their own cargo. At present, China has formed a competitive situation of comprehensive e-commerce headed by Ali, Jingdong and Amazon, and vertical subdivision e-commerce of mother and infant, cosmetics and clothing, represented by foreign wharf, honeydew and honeydew baby. These e-commerce giants are the main interface of domestic shippers. The annual demand for logistics is large and stable, and the customer group is clear. Therefore, the airlines can directly cooperate with these e-commerce companies in finding the source of goods. Aviation enterprises can sign cooperation contracts directly with electronic commerce and cooperate with logistics companies owned by electronic commerce. At the same time, the use of e-commerce platform, to provide certain concessions for shippers, and small business owners to cooperate to solve the problem of supply.

Judging from the current development of China's air freight forwarding industry, there are about 20,000 international freight forwarding enterprises registered in the commercial sector, with a low concentration and bargaining power. The size of the whole market is about 4 million tons per year and the turnover is about 33.5 billion yuan. The whole industry is in its infancy. Although the market size is smaller than that of developed countries, it is growing rapidly. This also provides the development space for the shipping enterprises to enter the international freight forwarding business directly.

In order to develop cargo business, airlines should not only pay attention to capacity allocation, but also devote themselves to providing services from shippers to airports. This requires airlines to actively expand pre-cargo owner development, intermediate operation services and terminal ground cargo receiving and distribution, so as to build themselves into a market subject with high service added value in the whole industry chain, and share in the development of e-commerce.

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