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Yitong Europe Logistics Co., Ltd., formerly Yiwu COSCO International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., was founded in June 2008. It is a comprehensive international freight forwarding enterprise authorized by the Ministry of Commerce to operate its own import and export business. Yiwu International Logistics Association Vice President Unit, National AAA Logistics Enterprises, Excellent Private Enterprises...



    Aging fast . 1

    Yiwu relies on Ningbo, Shanghai and other yards. The short distance and low cost of trailer ensures that the whole transportation time from Yiwu to Madrid does not exceed 22 days and 17 days. The 14 days from Yiwu to Minsk and 13 days from Moscow are in the forefront of the country.

    Wide radiation area . 2

    From Yiwu, Banlie (Yixin Europe) arrived in Madrid in more than 30 cities, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and Spain, via Alashan Pass in Xinjiang. It basically covers the major European economies and regions. At the same time, our company has set up overseas warehouses and distribution centers in Europe with perfect warehousing, refuting customs ……

    3 . Safety and stability

    1) One-to-one photographic monitoring in the process of safe operation to ensure that the goods are not damaged in the process of operation.

    2) To sign a detailed international logistics contract before the safe delivery of goods to ensure that the right of control and the interests of customers are not harmed.

    3) On-line GPS Tracking for Transportation Safety

    4) Brand assurance relies on the operation and market positioning of Tongou in the past 10 years. Our company guarantees to provide customers with comprehensive, safe and effective logistics operation plan, so as to save logistics operation costs for domestic customers.

    4 . Transportation cost is low

    Sealing at Home Door: Reduce the Loss of Goods in Packing

    Warehouse Storage Management: Import and Export Goods, Domestic Common Goods, Warehouse Management Services

    Agent Customs Declaration and Inspection: Import and Export Declaration, Agent Inspection and Quarantine……

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    Customer service: 0579-85168777

    Complaint Telephone: 0579-85298111

    Head office address: 9th Floor, Building No. 6, Landport E-Commence Town, No. 315 Hongyun Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province / China

    Tel: 0579-85298111

    Fax: 057985 199718

    Email: info@y2eur.com

    Warehouse Add: Building no. 5, Zone 2, No. 889 West Railway Station Road, Yiwu

    Tel: 18969390658

    Container Depot Add: No. 516, West Railway Station Road, Yiwu

    Madrid Branch:Calle Méndez Álvaro 84, Nave 2, Centro Logísticas Abronigal 28053 Madrid Espana


    Duisburg Branch: Friedrich-Alfred-Straße 184, 47226 Duisburg

    Phone:  +49 (0)2065 7085 991





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      In the 27th week, the China-Europe freight train ran smoothly, and the operation of all ports was good. The average time for trans-shipment in Alashankou and Khorgos is 7 days, and...
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