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Freight forwarding operation process

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Freight forwarding operation process

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I. Accepting Inquiries from Cargo Owners

(1) Inquiry by sea: First, we need to know the port of shipment to all continents, the commonly used routes and the ports and prices that shippers often need to serve; second, the information of shipping schedule of major shipping companies; and third, we should ask the inquiring shippers some kinds of information, such as the name of goods, the level of danger, etc. (Waterway Dangerous Regulations)

(2) inquiry for land transportation: (RMB fee): (1) it is necessary to know the kilometres and tug price of major cities; (2) the packing price of each port area; (3) the customs declaration fee, commodity inspection and animal and plant inspection fee standard.

(3) If it can't be provided in time, the customer should be asked to leave the contact elements such as telephone number and surname in order to reply to the shipper in the shortest possible time.

2. Acceptance of orders (acceptance of consignor's entrustment)

After accepting the consignor's entrustment (usually by fax), clear key information is needed:

Date of Ship, Number of Parts

Box type and volume

Gross weight

The maximum volume of each type is: (long wide high) packable volume, packable weight 1 20 GP = 31CBM 62.382.38 25 17MT 1 40 GP = 67CBM 122.382.38 55 25MT 1 40 HC = 76CBM 122.72.38 1 45 GP = 86CBM.

Payment Terms and Contact Method of Cargo Owners

Door to Door or Installation

Three. Booking space.

Repairing the power of attorney (Ten Couplets) and ensuring the data correctness and consistency of the original power of attorney to the greatest extent in order to reduce frequent changes in the follow-up process.

Sealing company's booking stamp and booking space: The booking accessories (such as shipping company price confirmation) should be provided together before booking space.

Obtain the cargo receipt, pick up the ship name, voyage, bill of lading number information.

Four, make boxes

Door-to-door: In the packing plan, the main factors such as packing time, ship name, voyage, customs clearance number, transit port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume, door point, contact person and telephone number should be arranged 1 to 2 days before the closing date (two days before the date of the ship).

Inside loading: In the packing plan, the main factors such as ship name, voyage, customs clearance number, transit port, destination port, gross weight, number of pieces, volume and entry number should be arranged 1 to 2 days before the closing date (two days before the date of the ship).

Get the packing list (CLP) obtained by two methods of making boxes.

5. Customs declaration (sometimes concurrently, sometimes before making boxes)

1. Understand the information needed for customs declaration of frequently exported goods. (1) Commodity Inspection, Quota, Permit, Origin Certificate, Trademark Authorization, Trademark Name, Export Value in Hong Kong exceed $100,000, Other areas exceed $500,000, Consolidation Water Sheet (Copy) should be provided for cancellation, and Chamber of Commerce's Value Check Seal should be provided.

2. Fill in the name, voyage, bill of lading number, packing list, invoice, gross net weight, number of pieces, packing type, amount, volume, and check the correctness of customs declaration (documents are identical).

3. Display the "Chinese Name" of the goods where the declaration form is located. Refer to the Customs Code Complete, consult the commodity code, check whether the two coincide, determine the measurement unit according to the code, and point out the lack of customs declaration requirements according to the supervision conditions listed by the Customs.

4. Prepare the customs declaration proxy, customs declaration form, manual, invoice, packing list, cancellation list, cargo return list (after the fifth of the ten-fold list), change list (if necessary) and other required information, and clear the customs one day before the closure of customs.

5. Track the receipt of the yard to ensure loading.

6. If there is a next voyage, the shipment still needs documents and materials such as license, quota, commodity inspection and animal and plant inspection. The notice of Customs withdrawal and allocation should arrive one week before the ship date of the configuration, so that the information can be smoothly retrieved and reused by the Transport Department. Otherwise, it will only delay the ship and cause trouble.

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