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The Reform of Railway Freight Transport Strikes out "Combination Fist"

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The Reform of Railway Freight Transport Strikes out "Combination Fist"

Date of release:2019-03-12 Author: Click:

At present, Lanzhou Railway Administration has formed a "passenger train" series of "three long, three ring, one city, one region" freight train operation system. In addition to the three "Western Express" brand trains, Lanzhou Railway Administration also operated three ring-line brand trains from Yingshui Bridge to Tianshui, Yingshui Bridge to Yumen, Yingshui Bridge to Pingliang to Huinong, as well as five inter-city brand freight trains from Lanzhou to Hexi and the "point-to-point" fast freight train from Bianbian to Jiayuguan area. The trains were operated at fixed points and fixed lines, loaded on the same day and arrived the next day.

In view of the different demands of different enterprises on transport price, transport time limit, transport quality and transport extended services, Lanzhou Railway Administration will also adopt the "one-enterprise-one-policy" approach to meet the individualized needs of enterprises for railway transport. For example, Lanzhou Railway Administration organizes "just-in-time" transportation, operates ordinary freight trains with speeds of 80 kilometers per hour, organizes timely and balanced arrival of large quantities of coal, coke, ore and other materials, organizes "fast" transportation and operates fast freight trains with speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, focusing on domestic and international freight trains, so as to realize that the time limit for bulk cargo and luggage goods is faster than that for public transport. Road, enhance market competitiveness; organize "special demand" transportation, speed up freight trains running at 160 kilometers per hour, customize special transport products for customers with special requirements of transport time limit and transport conditions, and charge reasonably according to the principle of "high quality and high price".

At the same time, Lanzhou Railway Administration has vigorously promoted the construction of logistics parks according to the standards of "internationalization, modernization, specialization, scale and intellectualization". It is understood that by the end of 2017, Lanzhou Railway Administration will build a first-class (Lanzhou Dongchuan), 10 second-class and 9 third-class logistics bases covering Gansu and Ningxia provinces and regions, with 54 existing freight yards as auxiliary and 108 cargo service points as support, to build a logistics industry pattern that connects East and West, serves West, radiates Central Asia, West Asia and Europe, and implements pre-customer service. Placement service mode and integrated production organization mode of cargo and loading.

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