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Can Charge Treasure be transported by International Air Transport Company?

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Can Charge Treasure be transported by International Air Transport Company?

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Charging treasure, also known as power bank, is a device that can charge mobile devices and store power units. With the increasing use of digital products such as smartphones and tablets, the demand for chargers is also growing.

Can the charger be transported by air?

According to relevant airport safety regulations:

1. Charging treasure must be carried by passengers for personal use.

2. Charged treasures can only be carried with hand baggage or carry-on baggage. It is strictly prohibited to carry them in checked baggage.

3. Without the approval of the International Air Transport Company, the rated energy of Charge Treasure does not exceed 100 wh. The rated energy is more than 100 watt-hours but not more than 160 watt-hours, which can only be carried with the approval of the airline, but no passenger can carry more than two charging treasures.

This means that transportation is not allowed, but chargers with rated energy less than 100WH can be carried on the aircraft. During security checks, the charger we need to carry with us needs to be taken out of our bags and passed through security checks alone, just like carrying a laptop and a camera, but it is not allowed to be used when flying.

Second, why can't we ship rechargeable treasures in large quantities?

Charging treasure is an external mobile power supply for charging mobile phones and other electronic devices. It can also be regarded as lithium batteries. The transportation of lithium batteries has always been the focus and difficulty of air transportation management.

On the one hand, lithium batteries are closely related to the daily life of passengers. The electronic devices used by passengers, such as mobile phones and laptops, need to be charged regularly. On the other hand, the physical characteristics of lithium batteries determine their potential safety hazards in air transportation.

In particular, in the closed high temperature environment, or in the process of loading, unloading and transportation, some non-conforming or unlabeled three-charge treasures are prone to short circuit, explosion and other phenomena, which pose a serious threat to flight safety.

Thirdly, the export proposals of Charge Treasure are as follows:

If it's a personal trip, all you need to do is pay attention to whether your Charge Po rating is up to standard. If it is in line with the export of goods, the Shanghai International Air Transport Division recommends that you go by ship.

Mobile power supply has less restrictions on transportation, so it can apply for MSDS reservation. In addition, the packaging should be qualified without short-circuit problem. Outer packing should be controlled at 10K g/case. Specific information can be communicated online with customer service.

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