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Railway Freight Transportation: How to Share a Share of the Internet Economy

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Railway Freight Transportation: How to Share a Share of the Internet Economy

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With the rapid development of science and technology and the Internet market, more and more businesses are aiming at the development potential of relying on the Internet to develop economy and drive the market. The logistics transportation industry, which is driven by the Internet economy, is also emerging and developing with a sharp momentum. Railway freight transport is the backing industry of railway passenger transport. Faced with the tide of reform coming from the Internet economy, how can railway freight self-insurance and how to share the share of the Internet economy? The "express freight" railway online freight platform first launched by Shanghai Railway Administration integrates all kinds of railway transport resources, and adopts flexible payment method on-line to develop relying on the internet. A new mode of railway freight logistics has been developed. Railway freight transport wants to share the Internet, but it must use the Internet platform to collect information from netizens, facilitate freight service, and realize railway freight door-to-door service. This express freight platform covers 21 cities, and water test in the Yangtze River Delta beforehand is a scientific decision. The railway freight platform will be gradually pushed to the whole country through the implementation of site setting and the observation of the effect in the later stage. Moreover, the eight-stage freight rate of railway freight is economical and friendly to the people, and the procedures are simple and fast, which really minimizes the trouble of freight consignment.

Railway freight division of the Internet, first of all, to maximize the use of the advantages of the Internet, second, to maximize the consideration of humanization, third, to be ingenious, aiming at future market trends. Nowadays, the Internet has become the second space for people to communicate. From communication and interconnection to goods and soul, railway freight has successfully taken the first step. I believe that the market development potential of railway freight in the future should not be underestimated.

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