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Forbidden Goods Not Correctly Classified and Identified in International Air Transport

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Forbidden Goods Not Correctly Classified and Identified in International Air Transport

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What is Air Transport Identification

The full name of air transport appraisal is air transport condition appraisal report, while the English name is air cargo appraisal and classification report, usually called international air transport appraisal or appraisal.

What kind of cargo should be identified by air?

1. Goods with magnetic properties

According to the International Air Transport Agreement, any magnetic field intensity at 2.1m of the surface of the object under test should be less than 0.159 a/m (200 nt) before it can be used for general cargo transportation (for general cargo identification). All cargo containing magnetic materials will generate magnetic field in space. In order to ensure flight safety, magnetic cargo needs to be inspected safely.

2. Powder goods

Goods in powder form must provide air transport identification reports, such as diamond powder, spirulina powder and various plant extracts.

3. Goods Containing Liquids and Gases

For example, some instruments may contain rectifiers, thermometers, barometers, manometers, mercury converters, etc.

4. Chemicals

Chemicals, all kinds of chemicals, usually need to provide air transport assessment report. Chemical products can be roughly divided into hazardous chemicals and general chemicals. Common chemicals are common in international air transport, that is, chemicals that can be transported according to common cargo. This chemical must be transported by air through ordinary cargo, that is to say, cargo is proved to be ordinary chemicals rather than dangerous cargo.

5. Oily articles

For example, engines, carburetors or fuel tanks may contain fuel or residual fuel for automotive parts; camping equipment or appliances may contain flammable liquids such as kerosene and gasoline.

6. Goods with Batteries

The classification and identification of batteries are relatively complex, or the products containing batteries may be dangerous goods of 4.3, 8 and 9 categories by air. Therefore, identification reports are needed to support the air transportation of related products. For example, electrical equipment may contain batteries; electrical appliances such as lawn mowers, golf carts, wheelchairs, etc. It may contain batteries.

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