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Three Development Trends of International Air Transport Enterprises in the Next few Years

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Three Development Trends of International Air Transport Enterprises in the Next few Years

Date of release:2019-03-12 Author: Click:

I. International Air Transport is Developing to Third Party Logistics Enterprises

With the development of global economic integration, transnational corporations are trading more and more frequently all over the world. The demand for transportation has also developed from port-to-port to door. From the initial modes of shipping, air and land transportation to the integrated application of various modes of transport logistics services, more and more companies are undergoing business transformation to meet the changing multi-level needs of customers.

The transformation from international air transport to third-party logistics enterprises has the advantages of being close to water: firstly, it has the inherent infrastructure and network advantages, and it is difficult to achieve with less investment in a short time; secondly, the enterprises are specialized in organizing and arranging transportation, familiar with cargo circulation and various links, and have strong control ability. Through the overall design and management of commodity circulation chain, the cost and time of commodity circulation can be reduced. Thirdly, the staff quality and management level are high, the service is competitive, and the company has strong strength in chartering and booking, customs clearance and cargo collection.

II. Information technology is widely used in various business areas

A few years ago, it was still fashionable to query the dynamics of freight bills through international air transport websites. Now, with the rapid development of database and Internet technology, almost all large international air transport companies provide online tracking functions, and some even provide value-added services, such as online printing of bills of lading, online booking of shipping space, online payment of freight, online inventory management and online supply chain management. Therefore, the competition of international air transport services is essentially the competition of information services.

3. Knowledge-based international air transport will become a new trend of international air transport industry

At present, the business of international air transport companies not only provides general air transport services, but also provides integrated logistics solutions according to customers'industry characteristics, cost objectives, production processes, supply chain network and other information. Therefore, the international freight forwarding business has developed into lean production, supply chain management, business process reengineering and enterprise resource planning.

There are higher requirements for staff's knowledge level, knowledge breadth and information technology application level. Therefore, the core business of international freight forwarding will gradually be transformed into high value-added advisory services, while the low value-added entity business will be outsourced to other enterprises, and knowledge-based international air transport will become the future development trend of international freight forwarding.

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