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Are Bath Dew Prohibited in International Air Transport?

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Are Bath Dew Prohibited in International Air Transport?

Date of release:2019-03-12 Author: Click:

Bath lotion, also known as bath lotion, refers to the liquid detergent used in bathing. It is a commonly used cleaning product in modern times, also attributed to cosmetics, but not dangerous goods. Bath lotion can be transported by air, but it can not be transported in accordance with general cargo procedures and procedures. It needs to be handled by the qualified and experienced World Air Transport Organization.

Prohibited items in world air traffic are corrosive items, such as lithium batteries and dry batteries. Products such as glue, perfume, wine and other inflammable liquids, mice and other organisms, lighters and ignition oil, high pressure bottles, fireworks, control knives, medicines, dangerous labels on the outer package, CD and VCD certified by the national audio-visual publishing house, and any products related to weapons and guns. In addition, durian is an embargoed product that produces a simple irritating odor. The cargo aircraft stopped relatively few goods.

Bath lotion is attributed to liquid. The title of this product is aromatic bath salt and other bath preparations. The customs code is 3307300.00, and the rebate rate is 13%. Customs declaration elements include title, intention, packaging and brand. Import and export demand clearance and product inspection.

World Air Transport Packaging Requirements for Bath Lotion:

1. It is necessary to have 5 - 10 clearances inside the container, and the sealing cover should be tight; do not overflow. For each container, the volume of liquid in the glass container shall not exceed 500 ml. It is advocated that the total weight of a single item should not exceed 25 kg. Packaging and adsorption data should be used in boxes to avoid sloshing or leakage of liquids.

2. Product packaging should ensure that the English translation is clear, accurate and professional, in line with world practices and local laws.

Please remember to check the origin of exported cosmetics:

According to Article 24 of the Implementing Law of the People's Republic of China on the Inspection of Import and Export Products, export products shall be inspected at the place where they are produced. Article 20 of the Regulations on the Administration of Import and Export Cosmetics Inspection and Quarantine (General Administration Order No. 143), issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on February 1, 2012, also clearly stipulates that the inspection and Quarantine of export cosmetics shall be carried out by the inspection and quarantine organizations of origin.

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